Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello, I am a little nerous but here I go.

My name is Douglas and I want to thank you for giving me great entertaintment through your movies. I normally don't watch horror movies for two reasons (by the way I love the old classics like Hammer films and the old Universal movies from '30 and 40's) there is to such gore and female nudity. Not yours and I like that.

My first movie of yours was Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN. I saw it about five times on the same week. It was the first movie I ever saw on Here! TV and I am a proud supporter of HERE! TV. Being a gay man myself I love the hot males you have in your films and very thankful the women keep their clothes on!
I have eight of your movies in my DVD library and I will get more. I was really excited that THE RAVEN will come out on March 31. My birthday is on March 28, so it will make a great birthday present when it comes, I already ordered it.

Anyway I know you are busy, so I will let you go.

Thank You Again,
I saw RING OF DARKNESS on Showtime New Years Day at 11:30pm.
It is one of my favorites.